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I'm a bit finicky about touching garbage bins because of the germs and bacteria. I don't like having to touch the handles, particularly if my hands are gross from a leaking garbage bag. That means that the next time I touched the handles, I'd get germs and muck on my fingers. If you are also a bit finicky about touching garbage bins you'll like my blog. It has some ideas on hands-free garbage bins that you can buy from many homeware stores and reviews on which ones are the easiest to use when you have your hands full of garbage bins.

Start Nesting Now: Tips For Clearing Out Your House Ahead of a New Baby

If you're expecting a new baby, then you'll be starting to think about how to make your home more suitable for a family. Getting rid of any old or unwanted items can clear lots of space, ready for the new items you'll be purchasing for the child.

You'll certainly want to make room for a nursery, but don't neglect other areas of the house that could be made more family-friendly. Making space for items like high chairs, play mats, and large toys will set you up well for the future. It's best to start planning as early as possible - once your baby is born things will be pretty hectic, and you might not have time to think about sorting, clearing, and arranging rubbish removal. These tips should help you get started, so that everything is perfect by the time the little one is home.

Take an inventory 

Before you decide what to get rid of, you need a clear idea of what you have. Grab a notepad, and set aside a page for each room in your house. Write down the main items that take up space in each room, then sit down and take a good look at your list.

There will be items that you don't pay much attention to, having seen them day in, day out, but written down they may leap out at you as clutter or junk. For example, do you really need that old piano taking up half the hallway? Are those decorative gnomes the best use of space on your patio? If you have a garden or any outdoor area, make sure it's included in the inventory. Kids love to play outside - the more free space, the better.

Assess your priorities

When deciding on what should stay and what should go, you need to make your priorities clear. We already know that one priority will be making space ready for the new baby, but what are the others? If there are any hobbies you love, or items you're very attached to, then note these down. Don't feel like you have to get rid of your huge wool collection if knitting is your favorite pastime.

Equally, it's important to be honest about items you don't need or use. How many times have you used that treadmill that's taking up space in the garage? What about the ice cream maker you used once and then shoved in the back of a cupboard? Being really clear about what's important to you makes clearing out much easier.

Disposing of items

If you have a lot to get rid of, then consider hiring a skip. This makes it easier to get your clear out all done in one day, with no stressful trips back and forth to the recycling center or rubbish dump. For smaller amounts, you can still hire a company to help. You'll be charged according to the amount you're getting rid of, and all of the lifting, carrying, and clean up will be taken care of for you. Don't risk harm to your baby by lifting heavy items or over-exerting yourself.