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I'm a bit finicky about touching garbage bins because of the germs and bacteria. I don't like having to touch the handles, particularly if my hands are gross from a leaking garbage bag. That means that the next time I touched the handles, I'd get germs and muck on my fingers. If you are also a bit finicky about touching garbage bins you'll like my blog. It has some ideas on hands-free garbage bins that you can buy from many homeware stores and reviews on which ones are the easiest to use when you have your hands full of garbage bins.

Garbage disposal 101 | Expert tips when hiring skip bins.

Your home bins can only handle so much. Some circumstances in your home may lead to excessive junk and rubbish that will overwhelm your existing garbage disposal system. You may be renovating your home or doing some spring cleaning. Whatever the case may be, skip bin hire offers an elegant solution for your disposal needs. The process is quite simple; you hire a skip bin and fill it up. The hiring company will take care of the rest. While the convenience of skip bin hire is undeniable, here are some tips to get the most out of them if you're interested.

Choose the best location.

Selecting the best location for the skip bin is very important. The best choice is to situate the bins within your property. This will discourage neighbours from sneaking their rubbish into your skip bin and filling it prematurely. It also helps you avoid a fine as opposed to leaving your bin out in the street. If you can't place it in your property, ensure you acquire a council permit before leaving it in the street or other restricted locations. Additionally, ensure the location of the skip bin is easily accessible by the trucks which come to collect them. Failing to do so could cause damage to structures in your property when the time comes to picking up the bin.

Consider mini skip bins.

Generally go for smaller skip bins when hiring. This will go a long way in mitigating your hiring costs and make you much more judicious when disposing your rubbish. Some items may still be functional allowing you to sell or donate them instead of just throwing everything away. If you have substantial waste, order for two mini skip bins instead of one large one. It will be easier to find a suitable location for them in your property and also allow you to segregate your waste effectively.

Know what is acceptable for disposal.

Many kinds of waste are acceptable, and the skip bin hiring company will take care of the recycling. However some waste types may be prohibited by the company in question. The policies regarding such waste may differ so find out what rubbish isn't allowed from the company you're hiring from. In many cases, hazardous waste such as asbestos isn't included as part of the skip bin service. For these, find alternative means of disposal. Moreover, remember that sorted and separated recyclable materials will cost you less. Therefore, use your regular garbage disposal method for unrecyclable waste such as food.