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I'm a bit finicky about touching garbage bins because of the germs and bacteria. I don't like having to touch the handles, particularly if my hands are gross from a leaking garbage bag. That means that the next time I touched the handles, I'd get germs and muck on my fingers. If you are also a bit finicky about touching garbage bins you'll like my blog. It has some ideas on hands-free garbage bins that you can buy from many homeware stores and reviews on which ones are the easiest to use when you have your hands full of garbage bins.

Surprising Times You Might Opt for a Skip Bin Hire

Renting a skip bin when renovating your home is a good idea, as all that debris you create won't fit in standard rubbish bins and may not be allowed on the curb anyway. However, keep in mind that a skip bin hire doesn't necessarily mean a large, oversized bin meant to hold just renovation debris or old roofing tiles during roof repair work. You might choose a smaller skip bin, even one you tow behind your car, for use at other times. Note a few of those times here and then you can determine if they would be a good choice for you.

When a child moves out or goes to university

When your child moves out or heads off to their studies, you might opt for a skip bin to encourage them to purge items they no longer need. They will probably want to hold on to some sentimental items, but old clothes from their childhood, toys they no longer use but never tossed out, and other such items can be just junk and take up space in your home. By getting a skip bin, they can be encouraged to let go of these items more readily and easily.

After a move

You might opt for a bin hire when planning a move, in order to toss out old items you no longer use or which are too cumbersome for your standard trash. However, you might also consider choosing one for after a move. When you move into your new home, you will have lots of boxes and packing materials to get rid of; you might also see that you have no room for certain furniture items or other household goods that you assumed you could take with you, but which should really be tossed. Renting a skip bin can then keep you organized as you unpack and move into your new home.

After the holidays

After the holidays, you may have quite a bit of trash to dispose of, including the Christmas tree, packaging for gifts, old decorations that you know you won't use the next year, catering items you used for a New Year's Eve party, and even gifts you received that you'd rather not keep after all! Trying to bag up and toss these items can be a chore and, again, you may not be allowed to toss out as many bags as it would require or just leave old furniture items and other such pieces by the curb. Renting a skip bin can mean a thorough and much easier cleaning of your home after the Christmas and New Year's holidays.