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I'm a bit finicky about touching garbage bins because of the germs and bacteria. I don't like having to touch the handles, particularly if my hands are gross from a leaking garbage bag. That means that the next time I touched the handles, I'd get germs and muck on my fingers. If you are also a bit finicky about touching garbage bins you'll like my blog. It has some ideas on hands-free garbage bins that you can buy from many homeware stores and reviews on which ones are the easiest to use when you have your hands full of garbage bins.

3 Top Reasons Why You Should Be Concerned About Overflowing Skip Bins

Neighborhood skip bins can sometimes overflow with garbage before the official collection date, posing a risk to the environment and human health. Unappealing garbage overflow in skip bins can cause bad odor, besides littering the neighborhood and adjacent streets en route to the local landfill. When hiring a skip bin, you should make sure that it does not overflow with garbage. Apart from the environmental and health implications, excess garbage is a public nuisance that can attract a heavy fine because you will be breaking local regulations on proper waste collection and disposal. This article highlights fundamental reasons why you should properly dispose of your waste in the skip bin.

Keep Animals at Bay – Don't you hate it when you wake up in the morning to a scene of scattered waste because wild dogs, raccoons, or cats have been rummaging through your skip bin all night long? You will have no one to blame but yourself because you overfilled the bin, therefore allowing the animals to access the garbage easily. One solution to keep these uninvited guests at bay is to properly dispose of the waste and secure the bin to prevent it from being knocked over. Also, consider hiring an animal proof skip bin that can keep the trash inside and the animals outside. If you get an ordinary bin with no animal proof capability, place a heavy rock on top of the lid to deter animal entry.

Mitigating Air Pollution and Health Issues -- Food remnants and liquid waste can sometimes reek to high heaven due to decomposition. This odor attracts animals and pollutes the air. Overflowing waste is a health hazard because the negative impact on clean air can adversely affect the human respiratory system. Further, methane, nitrous-oxide and carbon dioxide, which are the major greenhouse gases (GHGs), can emanate from the waste, leading to a cumulative effect of global warming. Therefore, keeping the waste inside the skip bins alleviates the air pollution problem. An overflowing garbage can also become a safe haven for pests and vermin that transmit diseases to humans.

Public Nuisance -- When garbage overflows in a skip bin, the cumulative effect to the neighborhood in terms of a public nuisance cannot be overstated, especially if the bins are stored in a public space. The sanitation of the neighborhood is degraded to the point of reducing the property value of the area. Therefore, ensure that filled bins are secured to enhance the sanitation of your neighborhood. Also, understand that many authorities prohibit overflowing skip bins, which can attract a huge fine.

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