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I'm a bit finicky about touching garbage bins because of the germs and bacteria. I don't like having to touch the handles, particularly if my hands are gross from a leaking garbage bag. That means that the next time I touched the handles, I'd get germs and muck on my fingers. If you are also a bit finicky about touching garbage bins you'll like my blog. It has some ideas on hands-free garbage bins that you can buy from many homeware stores and reviews on which ones are the easiest to use when you have your hands full of garbage bins.

2 Tips to Follow if You’ve Rented a Skip Bin

Here are some rubbish-disposal tips to take note of if you've rented a skip bin. 1. Disassemble (or fill the storage spaces in) your old furniture Even though most skip bins are very spacious, it's still surprisingly easy to fill one of these bins up to capacity within a short time, especially if you have lots of refuse to throw out. If you want to avoid ordering another bin if possible and you have large pieces of old furniture that you want to throw away, you should ensure that you dispose of this carefully. Read More 

The Sin in Your Bin: 3 Liquids You Shouldn’t Dispose of in Your Skip Bin

Dealing with household waste in your home can be overwhelming without an efficient and safe bin. Most people throw any waste in their house in the bin without finding out if it could be recycled. Throwing everything into the bin isn't a good way to keep your home clean and safe. You need to know what shouldn't go in it. Though the bins will help you get rid of clutter in your home, they also come with some practical and legal restrictions. Read More 

3 Top Reasons Why You Should Be Concerned About Overflowing Skip Bins

Neighborhood skip bins can sometimes overflow with garbage before the official collection date, posing a risk to the environment and human health. Unappealing garbage overflow in skip bins can cause bad odor, besides littering the neighborhood and adjacent streets en route to the local landfill. When hiring a skip bin, you should make sure that it does not overflow with garbage. Apart from the environmental and health implications, excess garbage is a public nuisance that can attract a heavy fine because you will be breaking local regulations on proper waste collection and disposal. Read More 

Surprising Times You Might Opt for a Skip Bin Hire

Renting a skip bin when renovating your home is a good idea, as all that debris you create won't fit in standard rubbish bins and may not be allowed on the curb anyway. However, keep in mind that a skip bin hire doesn't necessarily mean a large, oversized bin meant to hold just renovation debris or old roofing tiles during roof repair work. You might choose a smaller skip bin, even one you tow behind your car, for use at other times. Read More 

Garbage disposal 101 | Expert tips when hiring skip bins.

Your home bins can only handle so much. Some circumstances in your home may lead to excessive junk and rubbish that will overwhelm your existing garbage disposal system. You may be renovating your home or doing some spring cleaning. Whatever the case may be, skip bin hire offers an elegant solution for your disposal needs. The process is quite simple; you hire a skip bin and fill it up. The hiring company will take care of the rest. Read More